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If you only want a digital design from us that is no problem at all. We are happy to design logo's and documents for you in whatever format you need.


Logos for websites, business cards, leaflets, posters, if you are planning to use an online printing service but want a personal feel to your design then we can produce a digital file to meet your needs.

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Digital designs are priced purely on the time taken to produce them as there are no physical materials involved.


  • All digital designs start at £10.00 but will never be above £20.00


  1. Get in touch with us and we will talk you through the options available for your project.
  2. We draw up some design proofs for your approval.
  3. Additions and changes are made.
  4. Once approved the design is produced in HD quality and saved in a file format of your choice.
  5. Your files are e mailed to you and are yours to use as you wish.

The Pricing list is a guide but there are no hidden costs, obviously if we are shipping the graphics or products out to you there maybe a small postage charge.

Where a "starting" price is listed the price of your job may be a little more dependent on the specifics of the job. All costs will be fully covered when discussing the project but  rest assured there will be no dramatic increase from the list prices. 

Contact us via email at or contact Our Team

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