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Founded in 2010 Buzzdog Designs have gone from strength to strength, steadily increasing the services and products they offer from the initial cut graphics to a range of services that now includes custom printed clothing, embroidery, banners, mugs, signage, vehicle graphics and much much more...


The emphasis at Buzzdog has always been on customer service, if the customer isn't happy then we aren't happy and we will endeavour to meet all of your needs. Whether you know exactly what you need or are in need of advice and guidance as to the best way to address your requirements we are more than happy to help...

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Andi Wilson

MD and Chief Designer

With a BA/hons in communication, authoring and design, Andi is the driving force behind the  company...


 The Inspiration

Sadly no longer with us Gemmy was the inspiration behind the company name and always took an interest in both design and production :)

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Rebecca Lloyd

Chief Executive and Head of quality control

The voice of reason Becka oversees all of buzzdogs projects and ensures everything is up to standard both in terms of design and product quality...



The face of Buzzdog

Everybody that visits Buzzdog HQ knows and loves indie, she accompanies Andi on most of his deliveries and installations, to the point that if she doesn't, the first question people ask is "where's Indie?" 

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